Thursday, April 27, 2006

Famous Captains

Captain Nemo
Captain Scarlet
Captain Ahab
Captain Hook
Captain Bligh
Captain America
Captain Buck Rogers (biddy-biddy)
Captain Sensible
Captain of my Heart

Captain Sinéad?

Yes, I've been asked to take over as Captain of my Guide Company. Well, one of the other leaders, Emma, and I have been asked to decide between ourselves which one of us will take on the role in September when the current Captain retires. (She's only been doing the job since 1978, so no pressure!)

Anyway, Emma's been there longer than I have, so I reckon that if she wants it, she should get it. Emma reckons that I should take it. I'm not fully sure why.

Meanwhile, I'm just trying it on for size. Any other famous captains out there that I've overlooked?


goodurs said...

captain kirk!!!

Gerry said...

ya langer boiy, ya forgot Roy. Never show yer face around Pana again after that. Captin Roy. Ya Langer

Sinéad said...

Captain Kirk - I can't believe I didn't think of him and that would have led to: Captain Jean Luc...

goodurs said...

it... does... in... deed. the... gr...een...lady?

i don't know that his slo-mo voice works as well in text format. but it's fun to think!

Conor said...

Captain Caveman
Captain Pugwash
Captain Kremlin (Kenny Everett)
Captain Kidd
Captain Morgan
Captain Dan (Dare - Elton John)
Captain Cook

(You also had Captain Jack Sparrow)

Sure there is more...

Anonymous said...

two captains from my childhood:

Captain Crunch
Captain Hook

Anonymous said...

It's Captain Kremmen, not Kremlin, by Kenny Everett. Thanks for the Captains, I'm doing a quiz and needed some ideas. I name the Captain, you tell me the ship . . . etc.

Keith, UK

Anonymous said...

What about good old "Captain Kangaroo" !?!

Anonymous said...

Heres a list
Jak (Sparrow)

and if you want Captain Janeway

so ya theres a short list for every one

ned said...

how 'bout... captain howdy.

Anonymous said...

Captain Ron (Kurt Russell) What an inspiration for anyone that wants to be a great but scuzzy captain.

Randy said...

how could anyone leave out Captain Kangeroo...or Captain Stubbing...

Oliver said...

Captain & Tennille (heh,heh)

The IGDI said...

Captain Vancouver is important, discovered Vancouver Island and some bits around there.

Anonymous said...

Captian D's

Anonymous said...

Captain Jeff Foster.

Gen said...


Gen said...

Also, don't forget Captains B. F. Pierce, John McIntyre and B. J. Hunnicutt!